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.308 Win. 168 gr. ELD Match (Reman. packaged 50 rnds./box)


This ammuntion is packaged and sold as boxes of 50 centerfire cartridges that may be brass, nickel plated, or a mix of both casings.

These 168 gr. .308 Winchester cartridges use Hornady's well known ELD-M bullet. They have all of the benefits of the Hornady A-Max bullet plus a Heat Shield tip to help prevent deformation due to aerodynamically produced heat. They can produce tight groups and are an affordable solution for match rounds.

Barrel Length Tested Muzzle Velocity Muzzle Energy Power Factor
24" 2640 fps 2601 ft. lbs. 443520 (TSA)

Other known names for this cartridge are 7.62x51mm and 7.62 NATO.

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$58.84 per box
$573.46 for at least 10 boxes
$1,117.13 for at least 20 boxes

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