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.375 Raptor 270 gr. Speer BTSP Hunting (New packaged 50 rnds./box)


This ammuntion is packaged and sold as boxes of 50 centerfire cartridges that are all brass casings.

These 270 gr. .375 Raptor cartridges feature a boat tail soft point projectile made by Speer®. Get incredibly reliable all-range accuracy and terminal performance. The casings are formed from new, never fired Lake City 7.62 or .308 Win. casings.

This cartridge is a "wildcat cartridge" and as such it will NOT be designated with the proper headstamp. Because of this the terms of sale for this product are that TNT Munitions will NOT be responsible for any misuse of this product such as discharging in the wrongly chambered firearm.

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$127.50 per box
$1,250.00 for at least 10 boxes
$2,450.00 for at least 20 boxes

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