"More Bang for Your Buck"

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Introducing TNT Munitions

TNT Munitions is a class 2 firearm and ammunition manufacturing company located in Asheboro, NC founded on the principle of offering gun owners more bang for their buck by making available firearms, suppressors, accessories, and high quality ammunition at the best prices. We are insured and hold a type 07 FFL with a SOT. We manufacture our ammunition in a wide variety of the most popular calibers for target practice, personal defense, hunting, and competition. We also are a certified IWI armorer and offer reloading services and other products.

Manufacturing our ammunition

Our remanufactured ammunition goes through a rigorous process that guarantees a high quality cartridge that is comparable to new ammunition not only in appearance, but performance as well. After receiving once fired brass casings and sorting them by caliber, they are inspected, washed in our exclusive acidic wash blend, and then dried. Casings are then roll sized to return them to SAAMI specs and make certain that the cartridge will chamber. Rifle casings are then trimmed to length according to SAAMI specs to help in producing consistent ammunition. Next, the casings (whether once-fired or new) are loaded using only components from the industry's top brands such as CCI/Speer, Federal, Hornady, Lake City, Maker, The Blue Bullets, Sierra, Winchester, and Nosler. Quality checks are performed during the loading process that ensures consistent ballistics and performance. Finally, the finished cartridges are hand inspected for quality control before being packaged, so that our customers get quality ammunition in every order.