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375 Raptor Ammo

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IWI SAR/X95 Hand Conversion: SAR Right to Left Hand Conversion

This service is for performing a right to left hand conversion on an IWI Tavor SAR rifle. It will include the new left hand bolt and an IWI barrel wrench. Operations in performing the conversion include switching out the right hand bolt for the left hand bolt, checking for proper headspace, and switching the positions of the charging handle, forearm accessory rail, sling QD mount, safety selector, and ejection port covers.

Shipping for the firearm is NOT included in this service. It is the responsibility of the customer for both ways. We recommend using either UPS or FedEx and be sure to fully insure your firearm. If you are local to us you can drop off your rifle with us to have the conversion done. Please contact us ahead of time to schedule this service.

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$125.00 per conversion
IWI rifle model
Hand conversion needed

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