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Burly Shellplate for Dillon 1050, RL1100, & CP2000: Size #3


This shellplate is for loading .380 Auto, .223 Rem./5.56x45mm NATO, .300 AAC Blackout, and many other casings that have the same diameter on a Dillon 1050, RL1100, or CP2000. It's a direct replacement for Dillon Precision part #12441 and will work with the shellplate bearing kits while using low profile retaining screws.

If you've ever operated an automated Dillon press for any amount of time you realize that the stock shellplates made by Dillon Precision are just not up to the task. They've been made from their "proprietary grade" metal and case hardened making them brittle. They also have sloppy tolerances causing tall casings such as .223 Rem. and 5.56 NATO to wobble when indexing. This leads to the dies hitting the casings which means damaged components and wasted time.

Our new revision has been designed around the sole purpose of improving higher speed loading, especially at speeds above 2500 rph. We've enhanced our pocket design geometry for even better case insertion and added exclusive controlled detent guides to all but eliminate the notorious shellplate snap. This allows for faster speeds with smoother control while mitigating powder being thrown from the casings upon indexing. Although not required for operation, a new index pawl is also included featuring improved geometry that is designed to work perfect with our new design and lasts longer than other pawls on the market. With almost a year of in and out of house testing we're excited to finally be able to offer this new design to our customers.

We've improved the shellplates by:

  • CNC machining our shellplates from A-2 tool steel.
  • Lowering the shellplate pockets and improving pocket geometry (NEW REVISION). This greatly reduces casing wobble and helps with casing insertion into the shellplate.
  • Adding our exclusive controlled detent guides to the bottom (NEW REVISION).
  • Hardening and annealing the shellplate while flat.
  • Applying a black oxide coating that helps prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Engraving the shellplate character on the outer edge for easy reference.

In the end you have a shellplate that's extremely durable, perfect for high speed loading, and is 100% made right here in the USA.

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Reviewed by trbammo
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(Posted 7/5/2021)
"I have several of these shell plates. I am replacing ALL of my Dillon shell plates with product. Dead flat and robust! They do need a little cleaning out of the package, nothing that a little CLR can't resolve. Great product."