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.300 AAC Blackout Kit for Hornady Rifle Bullet Feeder Die


There are many people that want to reload .300 AAC Blackout or 7.62x39 and actually end up straying away from buying the Hornady rifle bullet feeder die because it's not capable. With our extensive experience loading .300 AAC Blackout we've been able to develop a kit for using the Hornady rifle bullet feeder die .30 caliber system on the Dillon Super 1050/1100, XL 650/750, and 550 presses. The kit includes:

  • A new feed ramp with an extended dowel pin. This allows the shorter .300 AAC Blackout or 7.62x39 casing to activate the bullet feeder block.
  • A hardened and extended seating stem. It's beveled upper edge allows the appropriate amount of swing for high speed loading and the extended length allows the bullet to be seated to the appropriate depth.
  • A short and tall inner die sleeve. The short sleeve is for .300 AAC Blackout and 7.62x39, while the tall one is for .308 Winchester and they give the cartridge the room to clear the die as the press indexes.

Also, the great thing about this kit is it requires no actual modification to the die so it can be put back to its original configuration.

Please note that you must use Dillon Precision's short trim toolhead (part #62219 for the Super 1050, #62112 for the XL650, or #62231 for the RL550) and requires the Hornady rifle bullet feeder die in .30 caliber (part #095345). This kit is NOT fully compatible with Hornady LNL presses. Please contact us for details regarding this. Also, this kit has only been tested on the Dillon Super 1050, XL650, and 550 presses and we're not sure of how it will operate on other presses.

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Reviewed by NoreenULR
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(Posted 3/9/2021)
"With slight modification and some ingenuity, it will work with the Hornady L-N-L AP. Put a few strips of masking tape between the red dropper assembly and the die body to move it out a little to let the bullet clear the seater stem and they drop right down ready to seat. Good job, TNT. Just what I was looking for!!!"
Reviewed by PostalCzech
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(Posted 9/21/2020)
"Works as designed with the RCBS Pro Chucker 7 progressive press."
Reviewed by mikextreasure
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(Posted 8/16/2020)
"Worked perfectly! Exactly what I needed. Very quick shipping. Great Communication."