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1050 Primer System Rocker Shoulder Bolt


If you've ever operated a Dillon 1050 for any amount of time you realize that the stock primer system rocker bolt made by Dillon Precision has a big down fall. That being having to remove it to maintain lubrication for the rocker arm. If not properly lubricated this bolt can loosen and back out. Our bolt helps avoid the unnecessary aggravation and wasted time of having to remove the bolt for lubrication.

We've improved the rocker arm bolts by:

  • Machining our bolts from pre-hardened 4140 steel.
  • Threading the bolt to accept a grease zerk. Easily lubricate just by hooking up your grease gun.

In the end you have a shoulder bolt that's a direct replacement for Dillon Precision part #13296 on the RL1050 or Super 1050 only (the RL1100 is different even though the part number is the same), extremely durable, perfect for high speed loading, and is 100% made right here in the USA.

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