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MELB: MELB 10/22


MELB explained

The MELB or "Mission Enhanced Little Bird" is just that; a highly specialized, mission-specific application of our Little bird technology. Its sole mission is making your Ruger 10/22 or Ruger Precision Rimfire an insanely quiet & compact tack driver. The principle is simple, integrate our coveted Little Bird suppressor directly into a factory-spec target barrel for all the same performance at a reduced total OAL for the weapon system, and single tax stamp requirement. The MELB is utilizes an 18” OEM Ruger 10/22 match-grade target barrel, made from 4140 chromoly steel and is matte blued finished. The MELB-RPR is an 18” OEM Ruger Precision Rimfire match-grade barrel made from 4140 chromoly steel and matte blued finished. Both of these options utilize the same tool, baffles and endcap as our Little Bird.

  • No unnecessary baffle spacers or baffle extensions taking up valuable internal volume
  • The internal threads act as an effective turbulator which diffuses combustive energy from the blast, and aids in the disruption of laminar gas flow
  • Increased inner diameter surface area allows for more efficient processing of heat energy
  • Each baffle has a threaded tap-like feature on the outer diameter to cut and pull carbon/debris out of the suppressor as it is removed
  • By simply unthreading the baffles with the provided tool, the user will have effectively cleaned their MELB
  • No need for ultrasonic cleaners, expensive and caustic chemicals, or time-consuming scrubbing regiments.


  • Calibers: .22LR
  • Weight: stock
  • Length: 18.2"
  • Diameter: 0.920"
  • Material: Chromoly steel

All NFA rules apply to the sell of this product. All suppressors are eligible for FREE shipping and must be shipped to a FFL holder with a SOT. If you are a local buyer you can select us as the receiving FFL holder and there will be no transfer fee. If you are not local be sure to check with your receiving FFL holder about their transfer fees and be sure to provide the necessary FFL holder's information. The buyer MUST be the actual transferee.

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